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on Dec 31, 2013 in Friday Thoughts

A New Year Wish


It’s New Years again, where did that time go? As photographers we are blessed we can answer that question. We can reflect back on our year through our images, our memories, passion, failures and successes forever preserved in those carefully organized pixels. We can look back on the plans we made the year prior and how they actually unfolded. And now we look forward to the unfolding next year with the plans we have made this year. I often wonder if photography itself makes time go faster, speeding up our lives by its very nature of constant providing a visual milestone of our lives.

A year ago Sharon & I were in the last throws of months of secrecy as we packed for our trip to Costa Rica. We along with a crew from Nikon were heading out to the rain forests for a two week shoot with the then unknown D7100. A shoot on this scale starts months prior and encompasses aspects of life and photography we normally take for granted. Little things like getting snow off the driveway while we’re gone to having over two weeks of blogs done to post automatically to make it appear I was in my office working away. On 02 Jan, we winged our way down to paradise and for two weeks sweated out (figuratively and literally) a huge photographic project.


When we arrived home from this magical time, I was home long enough to grab a bag I had left already packed, switching from sweltering Costa Rica gear heading back to the airport out to temperate So Florida for a week and then back to Reno to grab another prepacked bag heading out again to freezing Oregon Coast in winter weather to film my Kelby Training B&W class. Then Sharon meet me at Reno Airport when I arrived back with another change of clothes as we headed to San Francisco for a couple of days of presentations. With a fractured wrist from my “cliff fall” in Costa Rica and an intestinal bug, which caused me to loose nearly 30lbs, we made it through January. That’s how we started out 2013.

And for the next few months until the D7100 was announced to the world, when asked what I’d been up to, I had to say, “Not much, the usual, taking pictures.” And I’m very blessed I can say that with a giant smile.


When you’re recognized for your photography and efforts behind the camera to effect a change, those are the times in a year when the clock stops. There is nothing quite like that feeling when you know your photography has reached out and touched the hearts of others. And when you’re thanked for having done this for a long time, it’s a reward that, well, truly is hard to put into words. 2013 was special in the many such moments I was so fortunate to be honored with, the greatest being named a Nikon Ambassador. Being recognized for not just being a photographer, but as someone spreading their love for visual storytelling covering a lifetime, it’s still a recognition that leaves me speechless. The group who were honored as Ambassadors in which I was included still stagers me.

As of today, I’ve been home 59 days out of the 365 days of 2014.  I’ll spend my day doing those last few business things you need to do at the close of a year. I’ll take a few moments to count up all the images added to my files, the number of books, articles and images that got published. But all these stats and figures added up are not the sum of the year. Looking out of my office to see the family all gathered, healthy and happy is the true measure of what 2013 has brought us. And of course, lots of photos have been taken of the gathering preserving it all, marking again the passage of time.


Sharon & I are incredibly blessed that photography has provided for us not just a livelihood, but the opportunity to see and share so much of our world with all of you! We wish the same for you in 2014 and hope our paths cross so we can continue to share the passion that is photography!

Happy New Year!