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on Jan 2, 2014 in Landscape Photography

What a Start!


I hope you had a great first day of the year. We sure did which started with a great surprise. Around 0900 every morning for the last two weeks, our baths and feeders are stormed by twenty or more Evening Grosbeaks. A great bird and a favorite of ours, we watched them the first few days and then we, sorry to say, took the activity for granted. During this activity, a number of other species come in as well, the other normal host of characters that share our land with us.


I was heading to the door to put out another bird feeder (we bring it in each night so the bears can’t get it) when I saw a bird at the bird bath that was not one of our usuals. In a heartbeat I knew it was a Townsend’s Solitare. A bird species that lives at high altitude, we’ve seen them in other canyons nearby and usually a thousand feet higher in altitude, but never in our area and never before at our bird bath! I instantly called Sharon and together, we watched it. I slowly opened the door and it didn’t flinch, it just kept on drinking. What a treat!


While Sharon watched, I slowly backed up heading to the office to grab the 800mm. I get it back to the door with the Df attached and just put my eye to the viewfinder when it flew. Bummer! I left the camera in place and went on fixing waffles. Well, no more than fifteen minutes later it came back. Without hesitation I started shooting. No, the photos aren’t the best, plastic bird bath with heater unit but that’s not was I was working towards. I wanted to break the “jinx” as I think of it, getting those first shots on film so I can calm down, move forward and get better shots (yes, have lots of them in my files already). At the same time, I wanted to get it use to us so I can move and improve the photos. It came back one more time while we were eating breakfast and than left with the rest of the gang. I’m hoping tomorrow it returns with the flock when I’m ready for it, better perch and flash set up. It’s Jan 01 and wow, what a start!