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on Jan 3, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Snow, Ice and Wild Imagination

Yellowstone 16225

At 36000′ eastbound, I look down from my window at the frozen landscape below, valleys whose ridge tops are kissed by a cloud front moving across the area. The puffies dot the fog that lays in the valleys accenting the magical topography as we scream past at 400mph. The challenge of getting the camera to the window, remove all reflections and make the click in the heartbeat our travel permits. Oh, I love the window seat and watching our world as we fly past it! It just energizes my imagination to no end.

Yellowstone 16241

The reality is, I’m on a snow and ice covered boardwalk in Yellowstone, laying down on the get close to the patterns in the hot springs as my imagination goes wild with the story in my head to match what I’m seeing. To make the photograph happen, you only need a few things. First is the wild imagination and often, that doesn’t happen until you have what it takes to let it run wild. You need to have the clothes so laying down in snow and ice doesn’t phase you. Yes, I am nut and I don’t get cold easily so for me, this part is simple. Next, you need the lens that will permit you to get close and shoot wide. I like the 18-35AFS now for doing this, but this shot was taken with the 14-24AFS using High Speed Crop. You need to shoot wide to get the feeling of a big sweep of the landscape. It’s my basic formula for creating visual depth, getting close and than tilting the lens out to bring in the sweep. And with that combo, you see in the photo what my wild imagination was playing in my head. Oh, the fun of photography! Have a great weekend gang!