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on Jan 6, 2014 in BT Journal

Bearing Alaska – Special Issue BTJ


It had been a few years since the last time we’d been in the presence of grizzly in Alaska. These giants of the wilderness are a unique critter that dominates their world. And I still think of them as big ‘ol teddy bears. You’d think with spending over a decade with them, over ninety thousand images of them in my files and no market for those photos, my love affair with grizzlies might be waning. What is it they say, separation makes the heart grow fonder. That doesn’t even come close to describe our obsession and desire with these amazing critters. They’re fill a very irreplaceable role in our wild heritage.

This past summer we ventured back to Alaska to a location that promised us a Grizzly Bear experience that rivaled our time at McNeil. When venturing to a location with that kind of allure, expectations are high and the possibility of failure, astronomical. After all, we are talking about wildlife photography, which guarantees nothing no matter the effort we put forth. What follows is how our time with grizzlies unfolded and what you need to know to make the same adventure part of your future.

This special issue on Bearing Alaska is now available at iTunes. I think Brent incorporated more photos than ever. The oral captions are incorporated as well. There are a bunch of videos that blow me away and a lot more! If you already have a subscription, this issue is free. If you get a new subscription, this issue is free or you can buy just this issue alone if you desire. We’ll be heading back to this magical location again this summer, the story isn’t over yet.

Brent & I have penciled out a very aggressive schedule for the BT Journal in 2014, greatly expanding what we produce. We are very excited and already working on some great, new content for your entertainment and enlightenment. It’s out goal to help you get the most out of YOUR photography in 2014. We hope to join us for the ride!

Note: Andriod issue is in development and should be available mid 2014.