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on Jan 7, 2014 in Landscape Photography

The Frustration of Weather


While the east coast is receiving all of our snow, we’re down to dirt on our property. Just to give you a reference, in a “normal” year we would have about 8-10 feet of snow right now! So besides cutting into my, sitting by the fire on a snowy day writing and reading time, the weather we’re not getting is killing my bird photography! I love photographing birds in snow! In a normal January, we’d be going through 300lbs of seed, we’ve not gone through 100lbs in the last two months. If I could, I’d get up in a hot air balloon and blow the ridge over California out of here to get all that cold, white stuff heading east. With now snow in the forecast for at least the next ten days, what’s a critter shooter to do?!


If you have ever watched my Kelby Training Class on Beginning Wildlife, you’ve seen the intensive feeders and bird baths we have on our property. And while they bring in the critters, at times like this when the snow doesn’t force them to our offerings, we have to watch things even closer looking for patterns. When critters have a smorgasbord to select from, they work them all a little at a time so no one gets wiped out. This is when they have that luxury and with no snow on the ground. For example all those pine nuts that fell during the fall that would be covered with snow, are exposed and available. The pattern we noted at our feeders and bird baths is every other day activity around 0930. So I have the 800mm set up and I’ve been shooting with the Df, anything that shows up. It’s been really slim pickings. These are Pygmy Nuthatches that typically only come in when there are other birds at the feeder. Light is not the greatest but it keeps the skills workin waiting for, that darn snow!