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on Jan 9, 2014 in Random Thoughts

Learning from Rejection

Wood Stork 1939

I was flooded with emails from an image I posted on G+ yesterday in regards to my comment, “rejected.” “How can you take rejection” one emailer asked. Another simply said, “You get rejected at this point in your career?” Failure is part of photography, from the taking of the image to getting it printed in a magazine and a whole lot more. Living in the editorial world, I have a filing cabinet drawer full of rejection notices, and that’s before the days of email! You have a lot of ways you can take rejection. In the world of editorial, I always ask why the images didn’t work. In the early years, it was because the images sucked and I often got an ear full how I could improve. Taking heed of what I was told, my photography improved. That’s how it works, you learn and grow. When rejection happens now, it’s not an image quality issue, it’s a simple, the photo didn’t work for the story being told. Now I still ask why, what’s missing because storytelling is very important to me. But I don’t take any of this personally, I embrace it as a learning possibility even if it hurts.