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on Jan 28, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Green On Snow

Mammoth General 2418

The one thing that we have working for us when it comes to snow is, everyone knows its white. That preconceived idea gives us a lot of leeway in our photos. For example, in the major drop of snow in the above photo, I could make the green appear bolder by removing the very definite color cast. But by leaving that color cast, not only does it effect the green, but if makes you shudder because that over abundance of blue makes you feel cold. “Feeling blue” is a very real thing we can take advantage of especially when we have green since it’s a complementary color.

Mammoth Mtn 0668

The one thing that normally comes along with the green is a little brown. Brown in itself is a good thing on snow. Green normally comes in the form of trees and trees have of coarse, trunks. And just like we think of snow as white, we think of trees as green which gives us more latitude to push the color combo in talking about a landscape of snow. In this particular photo, you know the snow is “blowing” because of what you see in the top left corner. Since it’s a still image, you really don’t know from this how much the snow is blowing. But by using a tree that is wind swept, it lends to the feeling it “blowin” in you still brining life to the green which in turn, feeds back on the snow. And that’s the whole idea, bringing an intensity and life to the white stuff.

Norris Basin 9665

And I wanted to introduce the idea that you can speak of snow in a micro seen. In this case, getting up close and personal to a bough with a single pine cone (there’s that brown again). You can actually say snow, cold, winter with just a hint of white when you have a color like green in the photo. The really cool thing in the way our mind’s eye works, we can associate colors like this and that automatically triggers the mind into seeing a reality based on our perceptions. What if you don’t know how much green to incorporate into your snow landscapes? Bracket both the exposure and the crop and make the call back in the warmth of your home. What’s key here is, to make notes of what you select as your preference so next time you head out in the snow, you know!