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on Jan 28, 2014 in Landscape Photography

The Plot Thickens …


So I did my morning cruise of the property to find any evidence of the night time parties I might have missed. As I mentioned previously, we numbered our trees on our property so when we see something, we can say “Tree 3” rather than, “In the tree.” Well, under Tree 1 I found this. You might not recognize it, but it’s the tail of a Flying Squirrel. Now, they don’t tend to just “drop” part of their tail on the ground. And this is just the 2nd time I’ve found a tail on our property. I don’t have “smokin gun” proof, but I think a kitty cat ate well last night!

On a side note, this is another reason why I have always had “pocket cameras” even thought I own all the big stuff. This quick snap was taken with the Coolpix P7800 using the SB-300 flash. I simply put it on A, set the focus to Macro and went click. You see the results right out of the camera. Clean, sharp and fast. I like it!