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on Jan 29, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Red on Snow

Bryce 0204

If there is one color I prefer with snow over any other, it has to be RED! Red is also one of the more difficult colors to find, you gotta go looking for it. And find it where it snows! Now I was tempted to post a photo of a fire hydrant in the snow but figured that would be to obvious. When it comes to landscapes, as you can see in my images, I actually prefer a dominance of red over the white, but you can go either way. This top photo is one of the main amphitheaters at Bryce that we xcross skied into way back in the day. I really wanted the photo! Here, the white is about the same amount of the frame as the red.

Bryce 0189

While at the same location, Bryce, this photo was taken on a different trip when there was less snow. Now a side benefit of red on snow is what the white does for the red. Our mind’s eye says that if that is white, that is that particular shade of red. It intensifies the red because the mind’s eye has a known quantity and that just makes the colors that more amazing. At the same time, where there is snow, there is moisture. That soaks the soils, clays, making them even more color saturated. It’s simply a win-win.

Grand Prismatic 5257

Now things are really hot (as in your photo) when you have a pattern to the red, not just the color itself. That can lead you on a helluva hunt but it’s fun, a challenge and really great when you make the find. So what’s so magical, great and powerful about red on snow? There are certain color combos that our mind’s eye just can help but be attracted to. In fact, the three most powerful color combos are used in our everyday life. The number one color combo is, yeap, red and white or what you see all the time on STOP signs. So when you have enough of all that white stuff, looks for some other powerful color to put on the snow. You’ll bring a interest and power to your snow photography all will enjoy.

Coyote 1003

I have to come clean … I had an image selected with A LOT more red but … you get the idea.