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on Jan 30, 2014 in Landscape Photography

What’s a “Forced” Photo?

Alabama Hills 0487

I was talking with some photogs about an image when I said, “It just seems forced.” I got back a wall of contorted faces basically saying, Huh? I thought I would explain to you what I mean in the hopes it might help you with your photography. I’m using for an example one of my own photos, a prime example of what I call a “forced” image. This photo was taken in Alabama Hills on an afternoon when I was finding ~nothing~ to shoot. That’s when I should have stopped. I simply wasn’t feeling the love, light was flat, shapes not popping out. So then I came to the small window and even though there is no photo here, I went ahead and made the shot. But the shot was a pain between getting myself, tripod and camera in place and then making the 9 frame HDR to hold in all the exposure in the “cave” and through the window. Then after this, came back to the digital darkroom to finish what I went through great effort to capture of a photo that when was all said and done, sucks. So a forced image is one we felt forced to take because “How dare we get skunked when shooting” that we then feel “forced” to finish since we went through the first process. And when it’s all said and done, it was a photo that shouldn’t have been taken. That’s what I call a “Forced” photo. The moral? Don’t take the photo in the first place and be satisfied with just the effort and time behind the camera.