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on Jan 28, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Green On Snow

The one thing that we have working for us when it comes to snow is, everyone knows its white. That preconceived idea gives us a lot of leeway in our photos. For example, in the major drop of snow in the above photo, I could make the green appear bolder by removing the very definite color cast. But by leaving that color cast, not only does it effect the green, but if makes you shudder because that over abundance of blue makes you feel cold. “Feeling blue” is a very real thing we can take advantage of especially when we have green since it’s a complementary color. The one thing that normally comes along with the green is a little brown. Brown in itself is a good thing on snow. Green normally comes in the form of trees and trees have of coarse, trunks. And just like we think of snow as white, we think of trees as green which gives us more latitude to push the color combo...

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on Jan 27, 2014 in K&M Adventures

Oregon Coast Opening

K&M Adventures is taking on the the elements with a winter Oregon Coast Adv, 19-23 March, 2014! The storms have been great, this is going to be a killer trip! This magnificent region is one Kevin & I have journeyed to and photographed many, many times. The coast in the winter is a spectacular photographic playground as Mother Nature chisels away at the rock! As you might notice, I think it’s a great place for B&W and is the same region featured in my Kelby Training Black and White Landscape Class. You’ll wanna fly into Portland on the afternoon of the 19th (by noon) and fly out on the 24th (after 2pm). We’ll pick you up from the airport and escort your around until we take you back to the airport. That, along with instruction are all included for the price of $2195 (we have one opening). We spend from breakfast until last up together shooting, eating, shooting, digital darkroom, laughing and other things you just can’t imagine! Which...

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on Jan 27, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Brown on Snow

While the title for this post probably had you truly wondering if you should click and look, I think it can be at times very important! Right now, all we have is brown, no snow, here in the Sierras but many of you are lucky enough to have the white stuff so this is for you (and hoping we see some). The monochromatic, all white landscape is for sure incredibly gorgeous but if you’re blessed with lots of the white stuff, there comes a time when you get tired of all the white. It’s those times we look for other colors that can work with the white to still say winter but with a twist. There are a couple of colors I love with white, brown is definitely one of them. Rock is the first brown I try to find. Now brown rock you might think is pretty common, but actually it’s not. Where I live, it’s mostly gray rock so you’ve gotta go looking for it. And when...

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on Jan 23, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

Purrin Right Along

Ten months ago, I first posted my discovery why we weren’t having any Flying Squirrels coming into our feeders at night. I’d looked out and seen a young Bobcat perched in the tree right above the feeder. Over the last ten months, we’ve seen it only a couple of times. I was looking forward to snow being on the ground so I could more easily track it. But with no snow, didn’t know if it was even still really around. Then a week ago it reappeared and has been here every night since. In fact, it’s out there on the limb right now as I type. And I haven’t a clue why and it’s driving me nuts! While we have rabbits on the property and they had young again a couple months back, we’ve never seen any sign of them ever being prayed upon. And Bobcats love rabbits, their relationship well documented in the literature. A number of years back, we did find the tail of a flying squirrel...

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