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on Feb 3, 2014 in Landscape Photography

There’s a Landscape Photographer in All of You

Bath Marsh 0022

Our world is a vast landscape that we experience every moment. Be it mountains, meadows, seascape or city, it’s a living carpet that we call our home. And every inch of it is photographable, a treasure and within your reach to inspire. But I hear from many that, “Landscapes just aren’t in them!” One of the very special aspects of photography making it such a universal language is, we can all do our own thing in so many genres and still come together as photographers. And there’s a real simple answer why this is so. It’s called …. light!

Mono Lake 1798

Light is the defining elements which makes us stops and longingly stare at a landscape or simply pass it by. Be it a iconic location or your local county park, you can watch the people and know when the light is special or when it’s ordinary. In this day and age, when the light is special, the iPhones and iPads appear out of nowhere to capture the moment. This means that we all see the landscape, there is just for some a disconnect when it makes that memorable moment worthy of our click. So how do you get into landscape photography when you just don’t feel the love? You start in your own backyard!

Bandon Beach 0478

Like every genre of photography, landscape photography takes some thought, some tools and a ton of passion. For example, landscape photography requires getting up real early, something I’m well known for and what some find its hardest aspect. Why get up early? It has to do with that thing called light. That’s why you start in your backyard so you don’t have to get up quite so early. You’d be surprised the mysteries, magic and photos waiting for you there. When you can take this common subject and make an uncommon photo of it, you are well on your way. What is uncommon? Light coming through the fence, light streaming through the sprinklers, snow when it never snows, the example are endless and when you open your mind to that, there isn’t a landscape on the planet you can’t master!