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on Feb 5, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Then the Clouds around the Corner




If you’re heading along the Eastside of the Sierra shooting in the afternoon, you’re always contending with the sun light being squeezed over the ridge. Add clouds and you have to deal with them burnt out highlights. Or do you? Controlling the highlight has been a growing obsession over the last few years even though often, we can’t see detail in that highlight with our naked eyes. So perhaps, there are times when yanking out the detail that we normal wouldn’t see isn’t worth jumping through hoops to get. That’s what went through my mind with the Df / 24-70AFS up to my eye looking at the scene. The range of light is well beyond ten stops as the sun blazed through the clouds. And that brightness was considered as the image was framed up in the viewfinder. Because the eye will go there first. But if you think about it, you can still use other elements in the frame to move the eye through the frame and then back to that brightness. If you give this a try, remember that the very worst thing that could happen is, you delete the photo. The most? You find a new way to look at your world and share it.