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on Feb 5, 2014 in Landscape Photography

The Landscape out the Window

Mt Morgan

Heading south for the shoot, it was on the heals of the little storm that was blowing out of the area. There are two classic characteristics of Sierra winter storms, lots of wind before and after. So knowing the storm was heading out, I drove down with the Df / 24-70AFS on my lap constantly looking out the window for the photo opp. We had gone thirty minutes down the road when things started to get interesting. This opportunity turned up at a spot where pulling over wasn’t possible. Yeap, I put the lens up to the windshield and shot as we continued down the road. The camera was in Live View and the firing mode set to Continuous to play the averages as we road down the road of bumps. Is it a great shot, not by any means. Does it remind me of home, especially as a I speed away from it? You bet and that’s the best part. Now to make them clouds look a little more “stormy,” I simply brought the Clarity up, White up, Shadow up and Highlights down in ACR. And one of the cool things about traveling along the Sierra as a storm comes and goes, around the corner it might be even better.