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on Feb 7, 2014 in Tech Tips

BTS Profoto Video Shoot

BTS Snap

I’m often asked how I do product shoots. I thought I’d post a BTS for the Profoto B1 video. The lights and their placement is key. The top light is the main light, the light on the floor the fill. Top light is at full power and is mounted on the extended arm of a C-Stnad. The bottom light is half power and I used the sleeves for the softbox as barn doors on the bottom of the softbox to keep the light from shooting across the floor. The lighting is pretty simple especially when you are watching the LCD. You’ll notice the monitor off to the left so I could watch where to place my hands during the shooting. Post was simply dropping the video out of the D4 and into Premiere CC. And I always take shots of the set up, have hundreds of them in my files. Now a days, I use the Coolpix P7800 to make the snaps. The gear is listed below, hope it helps.