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on Feb 12, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

What Does This Sign Mean?


It was a gorgeous, sunny, winter’s morning with a thin layer of new snow on the ground. The scream from downstairs had me flying out of my chair at my desk and racing down. I get down to see Sharon pointing franticly out the front window and the first thing I thought was, Bobcat! Chipmunk … Chipmunk! Why all the excitement over a chipmunk? It’s the beginning of February and we normally don’t see them out of hibernation until the middle of April. And that wasn’t the only one, we saw another one today and that is really blowing our minds. And it doesn’t stop there.


We have Band-tailed Pigeons in the feeders as well starting a week ago. We normally don’t have them until mid to late summer! They like it warm and dry … warm and dry and it’s February they’re in the Sierra! And if that weren’t enough, our normal winter main resident, the Clark’s Nutcracker is absent. They should be pounding our suet right now to feed their young and we don’t have a one! Now we keep records to watch the patterns over the years but what we’ve been seeing doesn’t fit any pattern of our decades here. It will be very interesting how it all plays out. The challenge now is to get the shots of these “spring’ critters in the snow. Making the common, uncommon ….