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on Feb 14, 2014 in Simple Click

One of Those Sunrises


IMG_1732It was a gorgeous flight as we flew east into the rising sun. I wasn’t going to blog today, much too much on the plate but just wanted to share the sights. All these photos were taken out the window shooting with the COOLPIX P7800 which I really love shooting with. I have the Nikon HN-CP17 Lens Hood for it which I originally got just because it makes the 7800 look cool but in this application, it worked killer to remove the reflections from inside the cabin. Even cooler is that the Nikon 58mm Snap-On Lens Cap fits on the shade which, for my large fingers works a whole lot better than the little cap that comes with the 7800. Well, I just wanted to pass along some fun, here’s a gallery of my favorites.

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