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on Feb 18, 2014 in Camera Tech

Can We Talk … Sensor Cleaning

Cleaning sensors, it’s been a pain in the ass since the first digital camera. And the confusion and fear about doing it seems to be a very common issue amongst photographers. Since I posted the video about the Sensor Gel, I’ve heard from many photographers who seem down right confused about this process. You really have three options, you don’t ever clean your sensor, you clean your sensor or you send it off to the repair shop to clean your sensor. Understand, it’s your camera, your photography, your option. I’m on the road and in my bag are all that you see in these two videos. In place of using the Brush, I use the Sensor Gel and at this point, I’ve not had the need to wet cleaning. If I need to go wet, I have the Copperhill with me because it’s still a great system. But YOU need to do what YOU think is best for you. I’ve heard all sorts of “possible” problems using any and all of this. Yes, it is all possible but at this point in time, those possibilities have not bitten me. Doesn’t mean they won’t so I still use care. But the methods you see in both of these videos are in my bag of tricks.