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on Feb 18, 2014 in Landscape Photography



I love a photo challenge! Scott for his Exposure project wanted to go back to a locale he had shot some seven years ago called Jackalope. I’m not really a street shooter and I’m really not a “pottery” street shooter but Scott was so excited, there was no way I couldn’t dive in. Now Jackalope is not just a pottery barn, no way! There are glass blowers and windmills, juniper furniture and wagons. I went with just the Df, 35f1.8AFS to go light, very narrow DoF and take advantage of the 35mms ability to focus very close so I could get in tight. There are hours and hours and hours of photography at this locale. There is no doubt that in this “shoot out” Scott walked away with the best images. But I … we had a great time and that’s truly what photography is all about.

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