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on Feb 21, 2014 in Landscape Photography

The North Window


Arches Nat’l Park is simply an amazing place, truly hard to grasp nature created it. But rocks being rocks, they tend to look pretty much the same decade after decade no matter how grand they are. This means whether photographed by others or yourself in the past, unless you push your photography, odds are the photographs will look the same click after click. And just being different for the sake of being different doesn’t make it unique. You’ve gotta feel outside the box to make the common, uncommon. That brings us to this morning and our explorations of The North Window. You have many options in which to head towards the uncommon, the first being having a person in the window. If you’ve ever been to the North Window, hearing a photographer scream “Get out of the window” can be common. Many feel that either, the photo is all theirs so don’t get in it or, people distract from it. The truth is, the Window belongs to everyone and having a person in the photo for “scale” is one of the simplest ways of making the photo, uncommon.


At our K&M Adventures, this is in part what we share during the week. Another method to go “uncommon” is to place yourself in a place others typically won’t go with a lens that tells more visually than most tell. In this case, heading to the “backside” of the window and shooting wide. I went with my current favorite of Nikon Df with 18-35AFS shooting at 18mm. This does many things, the first is bring to life the drama of the light of the rising sun. Next, it takes in more than the window itself giving it place. Lastly, it brings a whole new shape to the window while at the same time a slope to the rock it calls home. Now none of this is radical stuff, none of this is really earth shattering but it does start taking the common to uncommon and that’s important. When you put some of your heart into your landscapes with a touch of storytelling, you’re on the right track to taking different to unique.