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on Feb 26, 2014 in Landscape Photography

The Evolution of the Mesa Arch

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I first ventured to Mesa Arch in 2003. I had seen photos of it and from it for a long time prior to my getting there but was not prepared for what I would find. Mesa “Arch” while an arch, it does not have a arch shape. Rather, it’s somewhat flat structure slopping to the west. Many of the arches in Arches Nat’l Park have the same basic shape so Mesa Arch isn’t all the different. But I wanted my photos to say “Arch” so I needed to put a curve into the arch. This was accomplished originally with the 10Fish and now with the 16Fish. With that came the mastering the light of early morning at the arch. That started back in the day of two photos combined in post then evolving to HDR and now simply a single click in ACR. The photos here represent a number of different months of the year with February being my favorite month to shoot the arch. So what you see here are a number of years at Mesa Arch represented in my files and represents pretty well that with time, photos can get better. Open mind, open heart and lots of time, we all get better!