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on Feb 26, 2014 in Gear Head Wed

GearHead Wednesday 14-08

Got a gear question you want answered? I want to help and answer it. Send your gear questions to me at Gear Questions and I’ll do my best every Wednesday to answer as many questions as I can. Keep in mind the answers are just my $.02 worth and you have to take what works for you and your photography and embrace it and ignore the rest. So here’s this weeks questions …. What’s with that switch? What’s the difference between the A/M position vs. the M/A position on the focus mode switch of the 80-400mm Nikon lens? As near as I can tell there’s more force required to manually focus in the A/M position … is that correct? Adam Adam, to be straight up honest with you, I just never have understood this too. The idea behind these switches is to provide manual focus operation while still in autofocus mode. This is how Nikon explains A/M An “autofocus-priority autofocus” mode that reduces the sensitivity of the manual override...

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on Feb 25, 2014 in Just Out!

D4s Now Available for PreOrder!

On display last month, the D4s is now available for PreOrder. IMHO, it is much more than just a “upgrade under the hood” going from the specs available. I’ve not hand one in my hands and really looking forward to it. Without doubt … more to...

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on Feb 25, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Dewey Bridge

I’ve been driving past Dewey Bridge for decades always saying, “I should stop.” Well on our K&M Moab Adventure we finally did and I’m really glad we did. This bridge built back in the early 1900’s was once the main artery from UT to CO. Before it was built, there was a ferry taking commerce across the Colorado River. Now we speed across a modern bridge but this once marvel of construction could take a maximum of 6 horses and 3 wagon carrying 9000lbs and promoted as state of the art. Now just a skeleton of what it once was, it was restored to its current condition to preserve a small slice of our history. Simply cool! Now the photo of the bridge aren’t any stoppers, at least until you take the gloves off and start telling its story. This was an amazing early example of a suspension bridge and at the time of its construction the second longest of its kind! Well, what is a suspension bridge? Its...

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