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on Mar 3, 2014 in Landscape Photography

While Looking Vertical


There was a tree right under where the climbers where launching up the wall. The tree was really cool, still having its fall leaves but slightly drier and wilted appearance. Against the red wall, it was really cool especially with its shape. So I simply took my vertically oriented camera from shooting the climbers and shot the tree. I then went back on photographing the climbers. But the shot of the tree hung in my mind. It’s a great tree for February!


Well I came back to the tree because the vertical didn’t work. As you can see, I turned the camera and went horizontal. Now the camera is not plumb to the earth, but rather to the sweet shape of the tree. The shape of the tree along with its shadow (which is key) really took life in the horizontal format. A simply click with Nikon Df & 58f1.4AFS still using the Nikon 67mm Circular Polarizer, it took only seconds from shooting the climbers. I simply love finding subject like this that really require no thinking. Thinking hurts sometimes!