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on Mar 5, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Location, Location, Location!


This blog post is real brief and simple. Don’t settle with the first click, don’t stop walking just because, don’t settle and CHASE the light! I see way too many photographers when they reach icon locations like Balanced Rock in Arches Nat’l Park get out of their vehicle, make their click, get back in their vehicle and looking at their LCD. Look, wonder, ponder, explore and make the one click that tells the story, brings out the drama and touches the heart and you’ll have the one great photo! This isn’t it, this is the first view of Balanced Rock from the parking lot. It’s lacking.


Walking around so looking to the east, the setting sun lights the entire rock evenly killing any drama or shape. Keep walking!


With just the Df and 18-35 (no tripod), we walk around and UP the trail (what stops many) to where we now have light and shadow giving shape and drama and color the tells a story and reaches out. While the skies are killer, location, location, location makes the best image by simply moving.