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on Mar 6, 2014 in Aviation, Camera Tech

Pilot Portrait Project, BTS w/Profoto B1

I’m working on a long term project and thought I’d take you along for my latest shoot. We had a rainy afternoon in AZ (the rain was so hard it screwed with our sound recording) inside a hangar and in five hours, pounded out three portraits. The key was the Profoto B1 lights and making use of the ambient light coming through the hangar doors for the fill. Here’s a video taking you through set up and than the thinking behind the placement of the lights. Enjoy.

Gear used in the shoot
Nikon Df
Nikon 24-70AFS
Profoto B1 x2
Profoto Remote
Profoto 5′ Octa
Profoto 1×4′ Strip
Profoto RFi Speedring
C Stand
Lexar 128GB SD
RRS TVC33 Tripod
L Plate Df