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on Mar 7, 2014 in Camera Tech, Just Out!

Ray Flash 2 – Pretty Darn Slick!


Ray Flash 2 is now out and with quite the improvements so got myself one. What’s new? As per their website “The new Ray Flash 2 introduces a universal speedlight mount, adjustable height and a lower profile. A new, universal, adjustable mount with a spring-loaded clamp allows the Ray Flash 2 to quickly and securely attach to different sizes of speedlights. The center column of the Ray Flash 2 slides up and down to accommodate variations in camera and speedlight heights. The Ray Flash 2 is also available in two different versions, long and short, to fit the tallest and shortest DSLR bodies available. Ray Flash 2’s lower profile compared to the original Ray Flash makes it even more portable for location photographers.” But we need to look at the light before getting all excited.


Can you tell which photo of my lovely bride was taken with a SB-910 with its diffuser and which was taken using the Ray Flash 2? That’s key to the whole thing, the quality of the light. I shot with the Df / 58f1.4AFS at f/8 at night. I shot in a darkened room so you could see the light not only on Sharon, but as it falls off around her. That to me is just as important. The photo shot with the Ray Flash 2 has the softer shadows under the chin, eyes much brighter and darker background. If you figured the bottom image was the Ray Flash 2 photo, you’d be right. It produces a really nice quality of light and the amount of light lost going through the Ray Flash 2 was amazingly little. In fact, Sharon mentioned how bright it is. So if you want a great “beauty dish” style light that works with your Hot Shoe flash, I’d highly recommend the Ray Flash 2!