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on Mar 10, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Sego Canyon


“You ever been to a spooky canyon you drive across railroad tracks to access that has a bunch of petroglyphs?” This is the question we were asked as we dropped our dogs off for care while we were in Arches. “I don’t remember the name of the place, but I’ll find it out so give me a call.” Two days later we had the name of the place, Sego Canyon. The next day found us heading up the dirt road looking for this spooky place. Sure enough, after 14miles on a dirt road we came up to the old town, or what’s left of Sego.


So I’m standing inside the old general store, shooting with the Df and 16Fish moving very slowly and deliberately, working the starburst through the window when all of a sudden a voice from behind me said “SO WHERE are you from?” After she pealed me from the wall, I said, “California.” We had a delightful conversation after she realized she had scared the death out of me. It is supposed to be haunted. Sego is an old town that once had a train that ran through it, coal production I was told. It’s just a great place!


Now when we head off on one of our signature adventures on K&M Adventures, we just never know what will turn up. With the bald skies, I left the van with just the 16Fish. I knew, darn it I knew I would be shooting the sun as a starburst to fill up the bald sky and darn if I didn’t check my front element for dust. When will I learn! But I shot the entire time with the 16Fish and had a killer time. This old car was a great fine perfect for the 16Fish. The thing was to incorporate the rear right fender line and its shadow to take the eye up and through the image. Since there wasn’t a straight line anywhere to be found, it was a fun time to cruise town with a 16Fish.