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on Mar 11, 2014 in Landscape Photography

A Western Classic – The Mittens


There is no great technique, trick, or talent in getting this photo other then simply being here! The Mittens in Monument Valley have been around for ages and have seen without a doubt the most spectacular sunsets the heavens have presented. But if we’re not here to bring back those memories, then like the light, they fade away. In all honesty, I pulled the van up to the new parking area on the rim of the valley, fell out of the van, blurry eyed after only two hours sleep in the last 20, put the Df / 18-35AFS to my eye (camera in Cloudy WB), click, processed in 30sec in ACR and there you have it. There is a reason why it’s called Monument Valley, we just have to be here to experience the reason in person to understand it. And if we’re lucky, comeback with a click or two so others can experience as well. That’s the mission this week.