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on Mar 11, 2014 in B&W Photography

Hittin Hwy 163


My bumper sticker states it simply: I Brake for Light! And I mean literally! We came over the rise and I saw the light on the spire and hit the brakes! Cruising up Hwy 163 towards Monument Vly, you can’t help but be inspired by the play of light on the landscape. I grabbed the D4 / 80-400 and shooting at 105mm, took what you see here. Everything about the photo is pretty straight forward except you might be wondering why I left the power pole in the photo. There are many reasons, scale, man encroachment on the landscape, detail, take your pick. It might disappear with time, literally and in my photo but for right now, it was a marvelous start to what I know will be a great adventure in this beautiful land, even if I don’t another click.