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on Mar 12, 2014 in Gear Head Wed

GearHead Wednesday 14-09


Got a gear question you want answered? I want to help and answer it. Send your gear questions to me at Gear Questions and I’ll do my best every Wednesday to answer as many questions as I can. Keep in mind the answers are just my $.02 worth and you have to take what works for you and your photography and embrace it and ignore the rest. So here’s this weeks questions ….

Mr. Moose:
I just picked up D4s last Friday 3/7/14. After reading what you posted about the D4s I just have one question? Would it be possible for you to post your new settings for the D4s and how do you have it set up for your AF settings? Most of my work is in sports and some of deer for fun. Any help you can share will be helpful.
Thank you,


Larry, congrats on the D4s! Happy to help, here are my D4s settings. You’ll find in them some of my AF settings as they are customized in the menu options. When it comes to the hard setting, I’m always at AF-C and right now, shooting only in the GRP or Group Auto-Area AF and I LOVE it! Hope this helps!

Mr. Moose
I have finally set up my e-mail account that does not involve work. That means no disclaimer at the bottom of my e-mail that I did not even know was there! Question During your photo shoot at a museum in Texas, you were using the Nikon external battery pack for you off camera flash. Which batteries do you use? Why did you choose the Nikon with replaceable batteries over a Quantum battery? Also, I have the Rapid box and it is awesome for location work.


PJ, let’s start with the end of you question. Why am I not using the Quantum? To be honest because I’m a Nikon boy and I don’t want to void my warranty. At the same time, using the SD-9 with the Enelope AA batteries in both the SB-910 and SD-9, I get all the performance I need. Now I have not heard much about the Quantum but have heard nothing but great stuff about the Bolt Cyclone compact Battery Pack. If you are looking for an alternative, I would highly recommend the Bolt to you.!

I while back I thought I say you shooting at the Reno Air Races with a 70-200 lens with what appeared to be a rubber lens shade. I should have asked you then but I’ve been looking on your site and on the net it that was even possible let alone what the shade really was. Did I see right? Can you tell me what it is? And why are you using it?
Thanks, highly confused


Rodney, you saw correctly. I had a rubber lens shade on the 70-200, a trick I learned from my bud Joe McNally. It’s the Mamiya #2 lens shade and the reason I used it was because the shade that comes with the 70-200 is hard to pack and if you try to set the lens down on it, it is curved so the lens falls over. And while not a functional reason, it is much sexier. Hope that helps!