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on Mar 12, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Highnoon at Monument Valley Means B&W Time!


Like so many landscapes, when that sun gets high, the shooting normally comes to an end. Why? Hard light, deep shadows, and bright highlights just simply aren’t romantic. But You can change the equation when you have the interesting rocks of Monument Valley and go black and white. The character of the rock of Monument Valley, the lines and texture brought out by the shadows of the hard light can be amazing subjects. And when you go to B&W, you bring in the romance to the landscape. Now the photos aren’t around every corner, but you might just find that one. This is a simple click D4s / 24-70AFS that was then processed in ACR where the Shadow slider went right, the Highlight slider went left and then Nik B&W did the rest. The whole trick is to know what you can do in post while you’re looking in the viewfinder so you can compose to make the click