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on Mar 17, 2014 in Just Out!

“So, Do You Like The D4s?”


This is the question I’ve been asked quite a bit of late and rightly so. Cutting to the chase, ya, I really like the D4s. Yes, I feel it’s worth replacing the D4 with the D4s. Now, how did I come to that conclusion? I filled 9159 images last week shooting in the Southwest. I shot everything from a 2403 frame Time Lapse, Ravens flying circles, sunrises and sunsets, portraits to high ISO (which I never do) and the results just keep impressing me. Dave Black was right, I love the Group Area Auto Focus! I have shot entirely in this mode and it rocks! I also love the the ability to custom program all the buttons on the body to do basically whatever you want it want them to do (here are my settings to see what I’ve done so far). And the image quality at high ISO is pretty impressive, the photo above was shot at ISO1600 and the image has been run through two Nik Filters which always “grows” any inherent noise. I’m only into my first week of its shake down, but there is no doubt the D4s is an advancement. I have a lot more to test, but there’s the one week update.