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on Mar 25, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Slot Canyon

The power that was required to create Slot Canyon is the first and most lasting impression I came away with of this natural wonder. It’s not until you walk through the canyon (which only takes a few minutes if not shooting) that you witness firsthand Mother Nature at work that you come away its power. And it is this power that is the story of the canyon. How that power carved in stone, a phenomenon that is brought out in the light squeaking down from above goes beyond an artist’s pallet. This was my first time to visit and photograph Slot Canyon and it left a lot of impressions. I want to share in the photos of this post simply the impression of that power and wonder. There are many natural wonders in our world we are so fortunate to experience, and this certainly is one of the grandest because of its very intimate nature. Because what seems like a giant chasm is in reality a very small, narrow and diminutive space. You enter in at the eastern mouth into a seven shoot wide, 27 foot tall cavern that is only a single body in width at the other end. And as you enter and explore this amazing world, as photographers, the challenge is upon us to emerge with the story in our photos to inspire others to seek out other such wonders. At least, that’s what I came away with, the challenge of that one photo that would evoke the response I had when first entering. I don’t think the standard, “I was here” click does it justice. Nor the “dust in the air” light beam works, nor the sand pouring over the edge, but more of that later. There is no doubt though that the walk through the canyon is good for the soul. The rest is up to us.