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on Mar 28, 2014 in Aviation

Planes on a Stick


“Planes on a Stick” is what I call those aircraft placed on poles. There are actual books telling us the locations of all these planes state by state, so I’m not the only one whose been sucked into them. Now I don’t go after every single one I see, there has to be a couple of criteria. One is when I’m kidnapped by my best friend Kevin and on this occasion, it was a good time to do planes on a stick. What made it a good time? The direction of the light on the aircraft and the clouds in the sky. Shooting with the Df / 18-35AFS at the Grand Junction airport, I simply walked up to make the shot. Now the gesture of the aircraft comes in part from how the aircraft is mounted on the poles. The rest came from the tilt of the camera when I shot. Other than removing the poles in Photoshop, the images was processed just in ACR. And the reason for taking the photo? Just fun.