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on Mar 31, 2014 in WRP Ed Zone

Photoshop World – Experience the Light!

Cape Meares 0099

Ya, the name might be Photoshop World but it’s a whole lot more than that! Sure, you learn lots of Photoshop stuff, lots of Lightroom stuff, a lot of digital darkroom stuff, period. But you can also learn a whole lot about photography from some of the best shooters. I think more than anything else, all the instructors are at Photoshop world to share their greatest gift, their passion for communicating visually! It’s just a week away and I’m home jamming in creating new content for all my presentations. Here’s just some of the classes I’ll be teaching:

Tuesday, April 08, 2014
6:00pm – 7:00pm | Photography Technique
F/stop and shutter speeds can be a challenge but nothing like telling the story of a country through the eyes of the folks who helped preserve it. From aircraft to the people behind them, learn how to approach, photograph and tell the story telling our history in a click.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014
03:45pm – 04:45pm | Photoshop For Photographers
Our landscape images must reach out and say, “You need to be here!” rather than “I was here.” Using light, lens and computer craft, we draw our viewers in and insert them into that magical moment we were so fortunate to experience.

Thursday, April 10, 2014
01:00pm – 02:00pm | Photography Technique
You’ll get 50 must have tips in 60 minutes from basic to advance to make all the difference in capturing the moment to create the memory. The trick is following the KISS Theory and using those that work for YOUR photography.

And so much more! All the instructors including myself you will see all the time because it’s YOU that makes PSW so magical! The interaction with all you great folks who come is why I go to PSW. For example, you might see us walking down the hall (it’s a family affair, the entire Peterson herd is at PSW) and say, “Hey Moose, where and how did you take that lighthouse photo in that post?” And we could take a moment to talk where I would say something like “head to Oregon and the amazing Cape Meares Lighthouse where you can walk right up to the light at eyelevel and when you go there in the winter months, the sun sets right behind it. With a body like the D4s and a lens like the 24-70AFS so you get up close and personal and have a big dynamic range, you can make the click. Then in post, you use ACR to bring out the glow in the light and then in PS you use Nik Color Efex Pro to finish that glow.” And then if you had further questions, you could ask them. Or go to a class to see it in action. And so much more! So while the name might be Photoshop World, don’t get confused, it’s really all about experiencing the light!