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on Mar 25, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Slot Canyon

[envira-gallery id=”34155″] The power that was required to create Slot Canyon is the first and most lasting impression I came away with of this natural wonder. It’s not until you walk through the canyon (which only takes a few minutes if not shooting) that you witness firsthand Mother Nature at work that you come away its power. And it is this power that is the story of the canyon. How that power carved in stone, a phenomenon that is brought out in the light squeaking down from above goes beyond an artist’s pallet. This was my first time to visit and photograph Slot Canyon and it left a lot of impressions. I want to share in the photos of this post simply the impression of that power and wonder. There are many natural wonders in our world we are so fortunate to experience, and this certainly is one of the grandest because of its very intimate nature. Because what seems like a giant chasm is in reality a very...

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on Mar 21, 2014 in K&M Adventures

Costa Rica ’15 K&M Adventure!

K&M Adventures is going to Costa Rica! January, 2015 we're taking 6 folks (2 opening) to the most amazing, once in a lifetime photographic adventure! The site where I shot the D7100 campaign for Nikon, is a hidden Shan-gri-la  like no other region I've ever photographed in before. We weren't even birding and we saw 108 new species of birds, three species of Kingfisher just on our kayak float! You wake up to the call of Howler Monkeys and the magnificent White Hawk flying overhead. The buzz of thousands of hummingbirds, a dozen species escort you on your walk around the lodge and I haven't even scratched the surface of the beauty that's awaiting! Some days, you might not even leave the veranda of the lodge, as there is so much great bird photography just steps from where you had breakfast. And then there are the short trips to the beach with the Black Mangrove Hawk and Macaws. We are staying at the amazing Luna Lodge and have the...

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on Mar 21, 2014 in Landscape Photography, B&W Photography

When The Sun Don’t Rise …

at least the way you planned the night before, you punt! In this case, there were no clouds, no fog, no color so when working the romance of the shore, you do B&W. Now, I tend to go B&W at the shore alot in any case, but this morning I was actually wanting color. It’s OK, it was a gorgeous place to get skunked! Shooting the D4s / 24-70AFS (top image) along with the Big Stopper (using one no longer manufactured) 18-35AFS (bottom image), the images were processed in ACR and then processed additionally in Silver Efex Pro. Dodging waves, watching birds and looking for the “silver” in the sand was a great way to spend the...

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on Mar 21, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Night & Day Face of Coquille

The Coquille River Lighthouse is a favorite haunt of mine. If you watched my B&W Landscape Kelby class, you know I’m here, a lot! So no surprise that since we’re in the neighborhood for our K&M OR Adventure, we’d stop by, for sunset and than sunrise. Just like any landscape, this one varies every time you visit it with the weather driving everything. In this case, the other variable which is removed from the equation if that places you can stand to shoot. Between the river to the south and the town to the southeast, you really have limited options. Of those options, this view is the one I come back to most of the time. On this trip, I shot from the both sunset and sunrise from the same spot but with totally different intent. Shooting the D4s / 18-35AFS, the top image was processed in ACR and the bottom image, shot with the Big Stopper, was processed additionally with Silver Efex Pro. And I know that next...

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on Mar 20, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Yeap, Went to Slot Canyon

Had a bunch of folks ask if I went to Slot Canyon last week. We sure did, had a great hour and made a few clicks. I will post the images and the story next week, when I’ve caught my breath and can tell the whole story. Don’t know if you’ve been there, but this was my first time and what I found is not what I had been lead to believe or heard what it’s like....

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