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on Apr 1, 2014 in Landscape Photography

Fun with the Fish

Sunset Bay 0148

When you have six photographers on a chilly morning with their feet in the cold Pacific, limiting them to just one lens and a specific lens at that, and they are all giddy, you know you’ve got something special. There’s a location I know about in Oregon that was made for just one lens. When you get to this location prior to sunrise and get yourself in place, just like the group that was with us did, you can only have fun with great images to remember it all by. A ton of fun! Now the look a got when I told the group what they were going to do and with one lens, you could say the van went silent. On the walk over, there wasn’t much talking. But once we were in place and they looked through their viewfinder, the smiles and laughter flowed freely.

Sunset Bay 0282

What makes this cove so perfect for the Fish? The symmetry of the bluffs at the top of the frame and the shoreline at the bottom scream to be curved with a Fish. I’m shooting with the D4s with 16Fish attached. There a couple things you need to know about shooting with a Fish. With the horizon going straight through the center of the frame, you get a straight horizon (top frame). Point the lens down and the horizon curves kinda suggesting the curvature of the earth (bottom frame). The lens has a 180degree angle of view so when you point it down, watch out for your feet! And when it comes to metering, you’ve got to watch the range of light. The D4s with its Face-detection Matrix really did a great job with this task. So once folks got to the symmetrical center of the BIG circle, found a great foreground (I love the big smile) and kept their feet out of the frame, they had a cool image. And the whole time, had big time fun with a unique lens. What a great way to start the day!

Oh, and how can you find out about this totally cool location? Well, it and a whole bunch more are in the Romancing the Oregon Coast issue of the BT Journal which should be out next week.