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on Apr 2, 2014 in Random Thoughts

So …. it’s 0410 and all is quiet in the house … again

Northern Flying Squirrel 0024

but it wasn’t just ten minutes ago …..

Lying in bed about an hour ago when there was crash in the kitchen. One, single, noise. Sharon says, “There’s a critter in the house.” I go back to sleep.

Thirty minutes later, our dog jumps up in the bed and is lying there not really sleeping. I’ve gone back to sleep.

At 0400, I hear another loud noise upstairs so I’m sent to investigate. I have our dog with me and I no sooner turn the corner into the living room from the stairs then I see a gray flash going behind the TV, our dog in hot pursuit.

I get our dog downstairs, a net and Sharon upstairs and for the next ten minutes it is Loony Tune time as I chase a flying squirrel around the living room. Did you know them suckers are fast?!

The squirrel finally went down the stairs and hit the tile floor where it meet its match. The tile floor! It did a burn out on the tile not able to move an inch. No traction. I netted it and released it back on tree outside.

So, how did you spend your 0400 this morning?