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on Apr 6, 2014 in WRP Ed Zone

Photoshop World Precon Folks …


Howdy you all! A number of folks have been contacting me to tell me it might be raining tomorrow. As a wildlife and aviation photographer, I’m all into that weather stuff and how to make lemonade as we call it when it does rain. The photo above was taken from a dry hangar during an epic downpour so it can be done. I’m writing this to let you know we’re still doing the Precon, weather ain’t stopping a thing. But you might want to come prepared for the rain (yes, it might be a little damp). Have a rainshell for yourself and you’ll be fine. Bring a small, white towel to pat your gear dry (we’ll go over that in class). And finally, you might bring a longer lens than normal. For example, this photo of a FG-1D Corsair (like what we’ll have at Precon) was taken with the 80-400. I could shot from the hangar with the longer lens. I have a plan A, B, C and now working on D so come prepared, we’re going have fun!