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on Apr 15, 2014 in Aviation

3 Days and 34hrs Later


Well, we’re finally back home from Photoshop World, it was a heck of a ride. The 10hrs of travel that turned into 34hrs with mechanical and weather issues (United did a great job with this mess!) isn’t really the story. It’s what Sharon, Jake and I did during the three days in between the end of Photoshop World and travel that was Sooooo amazing! It all started last summer when we first meet the folks from the Dixie Wing CAF and I photographed their SBD Dauntless air to air in WI. It was then we started to plan the Photoshop World Precon and the bill that needed to be paid to make it all happen. Gotta pay to play so to have access to the Wing’s aircraft for Precon, Jake & I shot for three days to create three different magazine articles. Let me tell you how we suffered with this deal 🙂

We started shooting Friday just as soon as we left the convention center and arrived at the Wing. The volunteers at the Wing are simply, the best! They had all the aircraft already pulled out of the hangar on on the grass field ready for us. The airport the Wing is located at is gorgeous making static shooting simply amazing. After shooting until long after the sun set, the guys left aircraft in place so we could do an O’Dark thirty shoot. What you see above is the Zero just after sunrise. The guys at the Wing were great, they followed us around in the Tug with three different ladders and would set them up and move them sometimes before we even said anything. I shot all the statics (4357 images in total over the 3 days) with the Df / 18-35AFS or 24-70AFS which does such an amazing job and being small, gets into places the larger D4s can’t but with big image quality. I was saving the D4s for the big event anyways.


We flew two air to air missions, one Saturday evening and the other on Sunday morning. I had the SBD Dauntless, F4U-1D Corsair, Zero & Kate as subjects. What you see above is the Corsair flying top cover for the Dauntless on a bombing run in the So Pacific. This is just one of the 9896 images I kept from the two missions. This was my first photo mission with the D4s which simply was a great, great tool for this! The metering in this case really was great and the AF speed, amazing! Continuing with my new approach to air to air I started last fall (which you’re not seeing here), we flew both missions successfully producing some really special images. Soooo I’m back home getting through all the images so I can get them finished, articles written and all made happy. Other than that, not been doing much for the last few days. Phew!