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on Apr 16, 2014 in Tech Tips

No Offsite Storage?! Blasphemy!

I am always amazed at what pushes photographer’s buttons! My GearHead Wed post today, I stated I have no off site storage of my images, no cloud storage either and the emails are pouring in and there is even comments on the web. I’m truly touched and appreciate all the hundreds (literally) of suggestions of how (and why) I should be protecting my images, but understand I will do none of them (you’d be surprised, I’m actually a clever guy when it comes to this computer stuff). Some have said I have a pretty caviler attitude towards protecting my images, and I do but I realize they are just images (same attitude I have when creating them as well). I live in a forest, the whole town where we live is in a forest so fire is more than a real possibility. If we were home when a fire threatened our home, my last concern would be for my images. #1 would be for my family and neighbors and if time permitted, I’d go down the list to protect other “things” (yes, we are prepared and have plans for fire). But family is first, period!

Then there is the practicality, offsite storage only works if you constantly “refresh” the offsite bank of images (if you don’t have 5x 16TB NAS, you don’t have a clue of the time). With 3mil digital and 320k conventional images (literally 2 tons), there is no practical off site solution. For example, I’m just coming off a one month road trip with 1.3TB of new images that will be distributed to 4 of the 5 drives. Unless you’ve been there, it is real hard to understand the time that goes into managing this volume of files just for primary storage. I realize you mean well, but please don’t email me your ideas, we’ve had the industry best here looking at our options. Now if you have off site image storage, excellent, that’s what many experts say is a smart thing to do. That’s simply not for us. They are only photographs and in case of an emergency, we have much higher priorities on our list. I am truly touched by the outpouring of concern!