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on Apr 16, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

Spring is in the Air

bh al 0097

It might still be cold from winter in many locations, the critters though know it’s spring. Our Red-shafted Flicker is on our chimney drilling away to announce his studness to the ladies. Our Brewer Blackbirds are back and dive bombing our dog in the meadow. And four boxes now have Mountain Chickadees calling them home. Oh ya, it’s spring. So, what are you going to do about it?

Red-shafted Flicker 0305

These images are a couple of my first nesting shots, the top with the F3 and the bottom with the D1. And this year, I’ll be out with the Df /80-400VR3 working nests. I’m going with the Df because of the WU-1a which permits wireless operation while seeing what’s happening through the lens. A “nest” has been created and sits in my office as a test platform to make sure it’s all working as planned. If all of this is totally greek to you, I have two resources for you. There is a post here on the site on Nesting Birds and there is a 5lbs book, Captured that you can buy. Photographing nesting birds is time consuming but is very rewarding. The time to start planning and finding the nests is now. Get your bins, get out in the field, find the nests, do your homework and explore an incredibly fascinating process of our wild heritage!