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on Apr 22, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

Happy Earthday!

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Happy Earthday to you! I have always found this concept of Earthday interesting because, well, one would kinda think it’s something that should be celebrated everyday. I mean, without terra firma, there would kinda be, no us. Anyways, this year’s theme is Green Cities. This might be because of the recent UN report on Climate Change. An incredibly controversial topic to say the least, I for one have seen first hand many ecosystems effected by a warmer planet. I have no doubt we have influenced our world most likely in not a positive fashion or that our weird weather lately is not a direct cause of climate change. But I am intrigued by some of the solutions that were put forth in the UN report that could make a big difference in our changing climate. Here’s my favorite.

Men should switch to levi’s and T’s for work. Now when I first heard this, I had to really scratch my head how this switch in men’s attire might make a big change in our environment. But it’s actually so simple and logical, it will never happen. It’s simple, men going to work in suits and ties have the buildings where they worked cooled down so they can stay comfortable all day wearing, their suits and ties. If these same folks were to switch to just levi’s and T’s, then the buildings wouldn’t have to be cooled down so much. Cause and effect, these relationships in the natural world always intrigue me but in our world, they often floor me.

On a personal level, is there something just as simple we can do as creatives that can make a HUGE difference? I think there is. How many of you leave your notebook plugged into the AC overnight? I’m not talking about it running some program, doing a backup, but the notebook is powered off but it’s plugged into the wall? How many of you own a Mac which is a great conserver of power. But you plug it in to “charge” though you’re going to use the notebook plugged in later which will with the Mac’s great technology, charge your notebook while you’re using it. What if we all just simply, didn’t leave our notebooks plugged in all the time and think through more about those times we “charge” it? I’m not talking about desktop computers or our main machines or NAS drives but just those secondary notebooks most of us own. You would be surprised the difference this very simple act would have. So while today is “Earthday,” try thinking about our home everyday and try to make one, simple act to help it. The next generation just might thank us when it’s their turn to live here.