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on Apr 25, 2014 in Just Out!

New ThinkTank Cases!


Think Thank Folks just keep bringing out cool products, these are three of them.

I really like the Modular PPR case (top, smallest one in photo above)! As you can see, it holds business cards. Cool! It opens and can hold a number of smaller items like battery for a Df. But inside it also 4 CF cards and 6 SD cards. The sides are hinged so if you were to just drop something into the Modular PPR, it won’t fall out. And, you can wear it on your belt, attach to the strap of your camera bag or with the lanyard, wear around your next. Very Cool!!!

The App House 8 is designed to carry the iPad Mini along with a whole bunch of accessories for it including your iPhone, or any tablet, smartphone (middle case in the photo). I find it to be a great case for organizing all sorts of flash goodies like gels, light modifiers, batteries and more. It can attach to your camera bag strap, case, belt or even wear over your shoulder if you want. Its zippered compartment protects the contents beautifully!

The App House 10 is a bigger brother for the App House 8 carrying with ease a iPad / larger tablet. I’ve found it to be a killer case for carrying sound gear like mics, wireless transmitters and the rest.

The beauty of all these cases is the ease of accessing gear while providing their contents complete protection. I just wanted to let you know about these because sometimes, the best little cases go unnoticed.