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on Apr 25, 2014 in Camera Tech

Sensor Gel – After Months of Use


Back in January, I told you about the Sensor Gel which I had just learned about. I’ve pounded this thing in the last few months and wanted to bring you an update of what I found. I had mentioned in a later post the importance of having traditional sensor cleaning gear along with the Sensor Gel. I used the Sensor Gel with great success in Monument Valley with its dust, the Oregon Coast with its damp salty air and for the first few months, used the Sensor Gel with great success. Then in the last couple of weeks, it’s “stickiness” has notably disappeared. Then a week ago, it stopped “picking” up dust at all. So, while the product while sticky worked great, I didn’t get a year’s worth of service from the product. I did use the hell out of the thing which is more than most would in a year, but I still find the service life too low for the price. I still have and use all my Copperhill products which still rock, cleaning the sensor though is still a chore.