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on Apr 25, 2014 in Camera Tech

Watson Rechargeable AA Batteries Rock!


Simply put, I use a lot of power! I normally travel with 6 sets of 4, AA batteries and at least one charger. Now up until recently, I’ve been using the Enelope with great satisfaction. Their newest AA rechargeables are only 2000mAh but I’d heard there were more powerful ones out there so I went a lookin. I then came across the Watson AA rechargeables which are 2300mAh. Just having a higher rating doesn’t make them a winner so I went to testing. I’ve been pounding them for the last few weeks, with one set as the control and the other set the Guinea Pigs. The Watson do deliver more power, more flashes per charge by about 15% over the Enelope. But the one big advantage of the Enelope is their ability to hold a charge. I found the Watson are nearly as good as the Enelope in this department, Enelope advertising they hold 75% and the Watson held about 65% of their charge after three weeks. But what I ~really~ love about the Watson is the charger! It’s so small, light and thin, it’s a HUGE improvement (even works off a car charger). If you need portable power, I highly recommend the Watson AA batteries!