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on Apr 28, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

April Snow


We had one of those spring snow storms at the office Friday. These kinds of days really make it hard for me to work, I just wanna play. But one big incentive to move is the snow concentrates all the birds at the feeders for non-stop activity. With all the Evening Grosbeaks in the yard right now and their killer spring yellow, I went looking for the more “atmospheric” portrait rather than a “snowing gobs” kind of shot. To me, this mean I need to find a perch where a narrow DoF throws much of the photo into a soft focus so the whites of the falling snow take over. At the same time, I wanted to shoot without flash so the soft, wrap around light from the storm was the light source. Shooting at ISO 100, my shutter speed was 1/15 at f/8 so I had to watch the blowing branches to find those not blowing. That left really just the aspens in the front meadow. Luckily, a flock of Grosbeaks came in and started to munch down the spring leaf buds. With the D4s / 800AFS, I was able to stay dry, have the image size I desired with the DoF I was looking for. Now I got zero work done, but watching the critters in the snow is always good for the soul.