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on May 1, 2014 in Aviation

Planes of Fame this Weekend!


This weekend is the killer airshow at Chino Airport put on by Planes of Fame celebrating the Mighty Eigth (B-17s and P-47s!). This will be our second time at this show and we’re really lookin forward to it. We have a bunch of editorial work to get done, so we’ll be hopping! In getting ready, I thought I’d share some of the thoughts, techniques and gear I’ll have along for the weekend of work and fun. Let’s start with some thoughts and techniques to capturing the image. Here are two posts that go into that in greater detail

10 Tips – Putting Action into Your Stills

Ten Tips to Better Aviation


And here’s the gear I’ll have with me to make it all hopefully happen:


You might be wondering why I have both the 200-400VR and 80-400VR3. I love to use the 200-400VR2 for the ground to air photography and the 80-400VR3 for all the static work. Why not just use the 80-400VR3 for everything? When folks see the 200-400VR2 on your shoulder, they give you a whole bunch more credibility and you just never know you’ll meet. Why are the bags and straps listed? They are essential to make it to the event and than through the entire event. In the heat and humidity (supposed to be 99 degrees!), carrying a lot of gear will beat you down (and one can only eat so much ice cream). This is of course the list of the main gear, there is as you might imagine a ton of support gear. Spare batteries for everything along with chargers. Mounts for the GoPro and app on the iPhone & iPad. And all of this has been cleaned, tested and gone through this week before being packed to go. Hope this helps if you’re going. And if you’re at the show and see Jake or me, say hello. And if you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask. Hope to see you there!