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on May 6, 2014 in Camera Tech

“I Just Cleaned My Sensor and ….”


“with the first click of the camera, there is dust on my sensor again! Help!” Yeap, that happens all the time and there are two common reasons for it. First, if you clean your sensor the way I do, there is the risk of small “fibers” from the sensor swab coming loose inside the mirror box. You’ve gotta check for these after cleaning. The second cause for this I’ve not really talked about because to me, it’s much scarier than cleaning the sensor and that’s the mirror. You can see my quick click of the mirror above. It is set at a very precise angle on a very sensitive mechanism and is how we see through the lens when viewing through the viewfinder. If you use your sensor loop and look at your mirror (not raised for sensor cleaning) you will see dust. That mirror slaps up and down during the image capture process and if there is dust on that mirror, it will instantly get blown into the mirror box and will find its way to the sensor. So while you just cleaned the sensor, it instantly has dust on it probably from the mirror. But cleaning the mirror is much scarier than the sensor because it is a very sensitive and precise instrument. I don’t recommend anyone touching their mirror! I have a very fine cleaning brush that I use to clean it off but again, I don’t recommend this to folks. If your mirror is dirty, take to a tech but this might just be why your sensor is dirty the first click after cleaning it.