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on May 6, 2014 in Camera Tech, Field Reports

The Need for Speed – Lexar 256GB Baby!

Ya, I need the speed which is one of the principle reasons I shoot the D4s. One of the reasons for that need for speed is to be able to let the camera capture “the” moment while I’m concentrating on getting the elements in the frame the place I want them, nice and sharp (image below shot at 1/80). Besides loving the sound of that shutter makes slamming away at 11FPS, there is an actual method to the delight. I comeback with images like this.


Shooting with the D4s / 200-400VR2, I was very excited to add to the arsenal this weekend the new Lexar 256GB (yes, GB!) 1066x card! Why? As I demoed in my D4s video, the FPS and buffer of the D4s just don’t quit. I need a card that does the same and the Lexar 256GB delivers … bigtime! It just don’t quit, here, see what I mean

What you have here are 417 images starting at the time stamp of 2:27:01 and ending at 2:30:24. The action at Planes of Fame airshow is just that intense as they have aircraft after aircraft after aircraft doing racetracks around the crowd. There is no let up for over twenty minutes. Shooting the style that I do, I needed both the body and the card delivering the speed so I can concentrate on just the subject.


And what’s up with the bandaid on my thumb? Well, it was 99degrees in the pit on Saturday. The action in the sky wasn’t the only thing that was hot. The zoom collar on the 200-400 got steaming hot, so hot that I ended up with a waffle iron blister on my thumb. With the Lexar delivering that kind of performance with the D4s driving it, there simply was no cooling off period. The lens was in my hand and up to my eye the whole time. Understand, if you’re shooting a stamp collection, you simply don’t need this kinda speed but if you’re doing any kind of action, this might just be the option for you!